Male vs Female Newfoundland 8 Key Differences


Males tend to be larger, weighing 130-150 lbs, while females are slightly smaller, averaging 100-120 lbs

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Both genders are gentle giants, but males may be more protective, while females are often more nurturing

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Energy Level

Females are generally more energetic and playful, while males tend to be more laid-back and relaxed

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Grooming Needs

Males typically have thicker coats and may shed more, while females may have smoother coats with less shedding

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Both genders are intelligent and eager to please, but males can sometimes be more stubborn, requiring firm training.

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Health Considerations

Females may have fewer health issues related to size, while males may be prone to joint problems due to their larger build

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Both male and female Newfoundlands have similar lifespans, averaging 8-10 years

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Choosing the Right Gender

Consider your lifestyle and preferences when choosing between a male and female Newfoundland.

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